Idea of the Day: Individuals define meaning

Finding meaning in a job is up to the individual, says psychologist Marla Gottschalk. "We cannot judge a role's capacity to provide that meaning for a particular individual. Just as derived value would be personal. Just as our definition of success would also be personal. Meaning is also personal."

Coping with a remote micromanager

Even a pandemic can't stop some micromanagers from doing their thing. Some bosses are hosting multiple check-in calls daily for their remote workers or closely tracking activities, which can be bad for morale and productivity. To cope, proactively loop them in on meetings and key information to answer their questions, and carefully set boundaries when needed, CNN suggests. Poynter's newsletter The Cohort suggests asking for clear goals and priorities, and checking you're aligned on tasks.

The key to successful group work

Many of us spend big portions of our working lives in some form of group effort. But when it comes to recognizing — and rewarding — the most valuable players, employers can fall flat. Many assume that superstars — the most talented players — are the critical ingredient for success. But, according to research from Harvard, we should also keep an eye on those with strong social skills. The researchers found that a team member's social intelligence contributes to group performance nearly...