Government self-service kiosks


This innovative approach provides significant efficiency gains for public administrations and improves the end-user experience, boosting the adoption of online services and digital public services in particular.


  • Administrative costs are slashed, and front desk staff can be redeployed to added value tasks.
  • Quality of service is improved significantly: queues and the risk of human error are reduced, and accessibility extended beyond regular working hours.

There’s more.

Multi-lingual interfaces can be offered, providing comfort to all citizens and residents.




The eServices Kiosk creates a single gateway to eServices.

It enables users to access different types of online services, potentially from various organizations or providers, after authenticating with an eID card, biometry, or simple password.

As the last step, if required, the user can proceed with the payment.

Depending on your uses cases and existing ecosystem, Thales can provide a turnkey package with web applications, kiosk monitoring solutions and Thales software platforms:

  • Government Digital Identity Services​ for authentication and eSignature
  • Post-issuance for card administration
  • Document Management System to manage the life cycle of eDocument

The most popular services include:

  • Civil registry procedures, including online registration of births, requests for birth certificates, and printing
  • Declarationof a lost or stolen eID or passport
  • Applicationfor an eID or a passport renewal
  • On line tax declaration and eSignature
  • Paymentof taxes, fines, utility bills
  • Card administration: activation, PIN unblock, PIN change, certificate loading and renewal, information updates such as change of address (eID) or new beneficiary (eHealthcare), and loading of new applications.

Can be customized accordingly:

The centre section is highly customizable: up to six devices can be integrated.

They include:

  • a contact card reader
  • a contactless card reader,
  • a fingerprint reader,
  • a webcam
  • a numeric pad,
  • a payment terminal (contact or NFC)
  • a receipt printer.


The advantages of the Kiosks can be vast when it comes to the functionality.


These Can make the customers as well as the company under benefit as it makes the customers as well as the employees’ work more efficient by saving time and by creating more room to concentrate more on in-person tasks.



Available in 60.5″ and 49″ heights, the traditional pedestal Personnel Management Kiosk model is designed for use in businesses and organizations of all kinds. The Pedestal PMK boasts a curved and flat sided design to adhere to customer preferences and can also integrate casters for easy mobility. The LED Pedestal includes an LED PCB board with two different colors—white when in standby mode and green when a user scans in with an acceptable temperature.



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