Interactive Educational display

Project Overview:

As more of our educational customers are expressing attention to the interactive displaues it was clear that we need to have our own solution for this rising use.

Project Requirement:

We were asked to build a modern, reliable and cost effective interactive display with concentrated features around education activities.

Our Solution:

Euro Eye-86 Data Sheet

  • client: Sultan Qaboos university Oman - Ministry of Education Kuwait
  • Location: ME Region

Smart Kiosks for Kuwait university D. Transformation project

Project Overview:

Kuwait University is in journey to adapt full transformation project. And one of the main aspects in this transformation is relaying on Smart self-automated points Known as (Smart Kiosks).


Project Requirements:

With clearly specified functions and requirements the published request aimed for on demand custom made Kiosks performing below functions:

Technical Specifications (Hardware)
The hardware should include a Smart card chip scanner, which will be compatible with the University’s ID cards and the Civil ID cards
The hardware should include a 19 inch touch screen, or larger
The hardware should include a heavy duty all in one internal PC with the following as a minimum:
– Dual-core Intel Core i5
– 4 GB RAM
– 500 GB HD
– Pre-installed Windows 10 64-bit Professional
The hardware should include a K-Net card transaction terminal (privacy protected pin pad)
The hardware should include a cash recycler for accepting and dispensing cash
The hardware should include a A4 standard paper printer
The hardware should include a A4 paper printer for the printing of official Certificates
The hardware should include a printer for events tickets
The hardware should include a plastic card printer to enable the printing of University SMART ID Cards (only required for two of the machines)
The hardware should include a printer for purchase receipts
The hardware should include a wet ink stamp, embossing stamp, and e-stamp (e.g. a KU logo stamp etc.) mechanism inside the presenter unit. Through the application and using the manufacturer’s firmware and API, KU should be provided with API features to enable/disable the stamping process and configure the stamps’ location.
The hardware could have a separate advertisement screen
The hardware should include internal speakers to produce and play error/info sounds to the user. The developed application should include an Arabic and English voice guidance associated with the screen.
The hardware could have a built in camera to capture images / videos of customers during their transactions. These can be used where there is a transaction error and the transaction number, date and time can be cross matched
The hardware should follow all the relevant standards in Kuwait (e.g. for Power, any voltage and frequency standards need to be followed)
The kiosks should have an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) with Ethernet connection
The hardware’s design should have a modern design, follow KU’s design theme in terms of the color and logo
The kiosks should have a physical key lock to allow for maintenance and control e.g. adding paper to the printers
The kiosks should be dust-proof and have a cabinet with built-in over pressure and heat isolation.
The hardware should include an alarm unit with a siren connected to door, shock, tilt and heat sensors plus the printer paper sensor
The hardware could include a sign pad for any document or contract that requires signing by the end user


Our Solution:

In response to this challenge our engineering team came with perfect design for comply product with customer standards (Smart Urban M)

VD Smart Urban M (KW Uni).pdf

  • client: Kuwait University
  • Location: Kuwait City- Kuwait

Katara Hospitality D. Transformation case study

Project Overview:

It is an honor for us to be Registered Technology provider for Katara Hospitality Group but our aim to offer Digital Transformation Master plan to this massive client was an immersive idea approached by our technology team


We invite you to review the project primary approach.


Advisable IT Solutions for Katara Hospitality

  • client: Katara Hospitality Group
  • Location: Qatar